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a fan-fiction by Aka Natsuka

Title : Kizuato
Author : Aka Natsuka
Rating:  NC-17  (rather soft)
genre : angst, suspense
chapter : 1/-
character : Mink, Koujaku (Actually I cannot decide the seme-uke position here, they just seme afterall and won't change, though here Koujaku in weak position)
disclaimer : all Dramatical Murder character here don't belong to me. But I love to trolling over them make they are not supposed to be cool figures.
Synopsis : This taken place and moment after incident in Platinum Jail in Ren route but just leave re:connect behind. I made different plot with re:connect as based to the story. It all began with some peculiarities that happened in Midorijima forced Koujaku to look for Mink. But before he meet that Scratch's leader, he facing unexpected reunion with someone and that made him fight for his live till the last. Finally he spent the night in Mink's house with injured body. Fortunately it wasn't a big deal and Mink good at taking care of people. so, this is the story that you will never imagine if playing DMMd especially for any of Koujaku's fans.
Warning : Worst English ever to used in writing xD

Ch.01 The Rain Left Scar

Koujaku didn’t understand how could be he was in a house surrounded by interior from wood. He was lying on the bed and covered by a blanket, unable to think clearly because of the high temperature of his body and seemed to lose consciousness. He really wanted to be freed from this suffering. Actually, what was happened to his body? Is this the result of what he did before? But what did he just do anyway? Somehow it was hard to remember what had just happened.

A tall and giant guy came into the room and put the bowl next to the bed and the glass on the table. "Drink this! It will help to bring down your fever", said the man with his deep voice.

"Mi-Mink?" Koujaku sharpened his sight, even the pain in his head made him also cannot see clearly. "I have a fever? What was happened?”

”You don’t remember at all?"

Koujaku shook his head and sudden pain stroke back. He closed his eyes in pain. His body was so sore and he really didn’t understand how he could be in a place which is strange—could this be Mink’s house?

"You’ve been found inside the forest earlier when it rains. Somehow you lost consciousness with battered body, so I brought you here".

"B-but this isn’t Midorijima, right?"

Mink furrowed brow. "Of course it isn’t. You don’t even remember why you‘re here?"

Koujaku trying to remember and his head felt hurt. Indeed, he never imagines he would be together with Mink in one frame, isn’t it too absurd? Of course, this is strange because he couldn’t remember anything, as most of his memory erased. Koujaku’s body heated up and some parts were in tremendous pain and numbness.

"Oi, are you okay?" Mink helped Koujaku with the drink.

"Hhah .. What the hell happened to me, anyway?" Koujaku somewhat felt uncomfortable with Mink’s good treatment because they usually couldn’t get along.

Koujaku’s forehead and temples full of sweat. When Mink put a towel on it for the first time he saw tattoo on the right side of the face. Mink pause. "Do you know Ryuuhou?"

Mink disturbing question coquetted Koujaku. "Why do you ask that? You also know him?"

"Hmphh ... No. Someone in a blue kimono once asked me if I knew a person with your characteristics. My man said that this guy whom I met is Ryuuhou from Toue company".

"Toue? Platinum Jail? But why he was here. Ah, I’m not too interested in it--! Argh .. !!"


It was a tough night for Koujaku. He struggled against the heat of his body and Mink noticed evil aura spread throughout the body. He found some peculiarities. He saw from Koujaku skin that wasn’t covered in cloth, the skin tone became redness. Tattoo on his face and chest burning like flame. His hairs also changed color from black to burning fiery red and spread quickly from the tip to the base of them.

Mink felt something bad maybe happens to Koujaku. He intended to meet Ryuuhou to discuss and hope that he can relieve Koujaku’s pain. Koujaku drew Mink’s hand as he bedridden.


Mink turned on Koujaku whom still lying. He felt atmosphere changed strangely when the guy whom normally he ignores was holding the hands as begging. "I'll find Ryuuhou".

"No need," cut Koujaku. "I'll be better. You don’t need to see him again".

Koujaku explained, this is a stage that must be passed if wanted to never turn into savage. Previously he was tattooed by Ryuuhou and heard that the tattoo could turn to be his master if he can’t control his emotion. Koujaku should only survive and soon the pain will disappear. Maybe this is the side-effect after getting the tattoo. His blood became overflowed, so he often nosebleeds as the impact.

Finally Mink took care of Koujaku alone although obviously it wasn’t a pleasant option. However Koujaku was not improved. There were currently Koujaku as reaching the limit struggled in pain.

Mink slightly saw tattoo behind the kimono has changed glowing red. He opened the kimono collar to see clearly. Koujaku body already covered in tattoos which seemed alive. That flowers-drawn tattoo bloomed brightly in contrast red and green like painting fill his skin. Mink became unbearable.

"Oi, is this really okay?" Mink shook Koujaku preventing he won’t be possessed by evil aura.

Koujaku writhed in pain and uncontrollably clutched Mink. Mink could feel the heat on his skin painfully. Sweat flowed over Koujaku body and the hair. Mink have just realized Koujaku’s long hair were loose—just like Aoba. Ah, he still can’t forget Aoba in his mind.

Mink was feeling bad; why do they have to get through this. Weren’t they just only rivals before? He doesn’t even consider Koujaku is important. Koujaku pulled Mink’s blouse and their lips met. Whether due to misdirected Koujaku or anything it made Mink shocked and distanced from him as soon as possible. Koujaku body slammed into the bed. Mink furrowed brow and squinted Koujaku still upset.

"I hope you don’t get the wrong person and understand your position," Mink said. "I do this not because I care about you".

Koujaku silent, he himself was very embarrassed but the pain in his body hadn’t yet subsided. He growled again withstanding the heat that radiates and raised his head to see Mink who looked at him angrily. "I'm sorry, but please, please release this pain, Mink. I couldn’t resist anymore. Do something, please." After talking with labored breathing Koujaku weakened.

"I also considering of what happened after this, that's why I have to refuse your request," said Mink.
Koujaku moaned and squirmed with irregular breath. Unrelenting heat was gnawing his body. Mink himself dilemmatic whether want to do something for Koujaku or just leave him. Plus there were no clinics that open in the area neither available transportation to get to the hospital. But neglecting someone in bad condition isn’t his nature.

Despite Mink doesn’t like Koujaku, seeing Koujaku already half-naked make him wasn’t able to restrain the desire to satisfying himself. He cursed his mind. "Do it ... Just do it, then I'll go ... and won’t bother you again", said Koujaku.

Mink braced himself. His eyes closed with hands clenched. But he suddenly push Koujaku’s body. Koujaku didn’t suspect Mink will attack him. With heavy breath, Mink narrowed the distance close to Koujaku "I hope this will make you feel better. This is the last thing I can do—so don’t expect too much ".

Mink knew Koujaku had agreed his condition. Mink undone Koujaku’s jeans roughly. Koujaku pulled Mink’s hip and smashed himself into that guy’s shoulder. He squeezed Mink flowing curl-hair. He didn’t suspect Mink understand him well. Something stacked in and entered the bottom of Koujaku’s body. Koujaku was treated like that for the first time. He yelled in pain as what Mink did just now and also the burning pain from the tattoo. Koujaku was gripping Mink shoulders and thought he had betrayed his feelings on Aoba. He felt a little jealous of Mink large body which can hide him. Mink constantly thrust Koujaku’s body and began to feel the rhythm make their body volatile.

It seems that the evil aura around Koujaku began to disappear. It turned out this way oddly more effective. Mink licked Koujaku’s wet neck and chest. Apparently he didn’t care about anything other than latent desire that couldn’t lie himself. Koujaku felt the heat in his body changed into lust which he ever experienced while spending the night with women. But he didn’t really get to enjoy it because his consciousness weakened and seemed tired. He could be fainted anytime.

Mink had almost reached his limit. Seeing Koujaku much better Mink pulled his body from him and sat on the edge of the bed. Koujaku knew Mink certainly regretting what they had just done, but nothing could be done. Koujaku lay down to Mink, his face still flushed, but his body temperature began to decline. "Sankyuu...” Koujaku said softly.

Koujaku hair that is usually covering part of his face exposed showing a tattoo on his face. Mink grateful the tattoo doesn’t take control over Koujaku’s body and had returned to its original color, as well as his hair that almost turned into red it finally back in black. Mink wrapped Koujaku with a blanket. He put headband and braided Koujaku’s hair with strands of leaves which usefully to cure fever and is believed to drive away evil spirits. Mink burned soothing aromatherapy and left Koujaku whom was asleep.



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